Call for Field Trips

The RFG2018 is pleased to announce that the Call for Field Trips is now open! 

     Safe and efficiently run field trips are among the most important aspects of a technical conference and provide the opportunity to learn by first-hand experience. A proposed field trip should have a clear focus and objective that is aligned with the RFG2018 conference. Thus, we encourage submissions across a broad spectrum of themes that will provide opportunities to see a variety of geological environments, examine earth processes related to the formation of natural resources, and visit sites of resources extraction and water management. We encourage field trip proposals to indicate their alignment with conference themes and if possible proposed technical session(s). 
Field Trips will be held prior to or after the RFG2018 Conference, e.g. must end before June 16 or start after June 21. 

Please download the Field Trips Submission Guidelines (PDF file) and budget template (XLS file) for further information before submitting your proposal for field trips. 

Proposals for Field Trips must be submitted by August 15, 2017.

Key contacts: 

Dan Gibson     
Adrian Hickin      
Vincent van Hinsberg    
CIM Convention Coordinator
Chantal Murphy
+1-514-939-2710 x1309 

Important Dates: 

March 1, 2017    Call for Field Trips opens 
August 15, 2017
 Deadline for submission of proposals
September 15, 2017

 Notification of acceptance or rejection of field trip proposal by RFG2018 Organizing Committee
 and/or sponsoring organization
April 15, 2018
 Deadline for notification of cancellation of field trip due to budget and/or participant shortfall